Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I can't make pizza dough. the end.

Update on Pizza Challenge. I hate it. Today I was laying on the couch and watching the Bachelorette online while baby was throwing prunes (I'm not kidding. he found a bag of prunes. I don't know who bought them or what business they had hanging around our house but he found them) and legos at the wall. This made me feel guilty. I mean sure, I was tired. Sure yesterday I did not stop all day. But still. So I counted to three and got off the couch and went upstairs. Baby ate lunch. I made bread. I have an easy recipe. No big deal. Then I thought, "hmmmm. I'll make some pizza dough and have Jeni's barbeque pizza tonight." But I was too lazy to go get my computer and find her dough recipe or any other dough recipe so I reached for my cookbooks. Mind you, by this time I was sweating, my belly was hanging out, baby was throwing beans, and the kitchen was floury. I still wanted to do it because last night we had popsicles for dinner . . .

So the only cookbook I have that had a pizza dough recipe was an old Weight Watchers one. Not a good idea but again, I'm not trekking downstairs for my computer. It can't be bad. But it is sort of bad. Weird steps. And you have to use a food processor for it? Huh? So I just figured I'd do it by hand. No big deal.

But then it called for regular yeast and the water had to be a certain temperature blah blah blah. I had some of that yeast (although I prefer SAF because then I don't have to think about it) but I was in a hurry because by now baby was dumping his drink on his tray and screaming. So I just threw everything together.


Now the kitchen is really heating up. The bread is baking. My dryer is on in the next room and I'm buckets and buckets of wet.

I knead the dough. It won't stick. I add water. It becomes a mushy mess. I add more flour. Too much flour. I keep kneading. Finally I give up and I make it into a ball and put it in an oiled bowl.

Then I look at the recipe again. I forgot the oil for the dough. What do I do now? Is it ruined? Probably. Probably ruined before I started and I didn't have the water at the right temperature. But what? We're on a budget. I can't waste the flour and salt and precious yeast. So I pour oil over the top of the dough and try to get it in sort of.

Right now it's supposedly rising on my counter. It isn't. It's disgusting.

I will still feed it to my boys because I did it. It's done. It will be eaten. I'll let you know how it turns out. If anyone is out there. If anyone even cares that I don't think I'll ever make a decent pizza.

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T&H&baby said...

Happy Pizza Week everybody!!!