Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Kitty Litter Cake

Sounds gross. Looks gross. I know. But it can be oh so fun. Just think of the possibilities. April Fool's Day, ward potluck dinners, you-name-it. Here goes:

1 box spice cake mix
1 box vanilla cake mix
about 40 vanilla creamed cookies (or a large box of vanillia cookies)
midgee’s Tootsie rolls
green food coloring
1 large vanilla instant pudding made
Wash NEW, CLEAN kitty litter box before using, Cook both cakes in separate cake pans, let cool, crumble cakes into kitty litter box. Crush up cookies very fine, mix with cake, add in vanilla pudding, and drops of green food coloring until you get the right color you want. Melt Tootsie rolls onto a plate for 10 seconds, mold them into the "shape" you want, hang some over the side of the box. Serve with a CLEAN, NEW pooper scooper. Yum.


Heather said...

I really did read the posting instructions, Millie, and tried my best to follow them. I couldn't get the recipe part to show up separately when you click on the title. Part of the problem might be that I wasn't seeing the html part. I don't know.

ktb said...

sick that is so gross. I can't even stand it.

Micah Rae said...

I want to join... I may not always cook the best... but I could give you several pointers on what not to do... FUN Fun FuN

Heather said...

You can for sure make pizza dough if you ever want to again. Just us the "5 minutes a Day" recipe I am about to post. Sometimes it is better just to order it though. Sometimes the point of pizza is to not have to work or clean up, but that isn't always an option when you are trying to save money. It has been sooo hot lately that we have been eating things like scrambled eggs for dinner and I don't have the excuse of being pregnant.