Friday, July 25, 2008

Local Food

Does anyone know where to get local (meaning within an hours drive from Provo) produce, eggs, dairy, chicken, other meat, etc? I went to the Provo Farmers Market and it was pretty bare. I know about the Springville meat company and I am going to check where the meat they sell comes from. I saw a sign for eggs somewhere in Grandview. I know a place in South Jordan that sells goat cheese. That is about the extent of my knowledge. I want to eat more local foods and I am hoping someone has more information than I do. Millie??? Anyone???

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Ann Dee said...

Hey Heath,
I think Mill gets her eggs from someone in grandview and she does winder dairy. They go up to the farmers market in SLC a lot too. I'm sure she'll chime in soon.

millie said...

Sorry I am a bit slow.
Milk: Winder Dairy. Eggs:Clifford Family Farm in Grandview. Meat: I have been slow to do anything about so I have been eating less, but my cousin met someone at the SLC Farmers market and bought half a cow with some of her siblings. There is also a place in Benjamin that I have been wanting to check out. Produce: a tiny bit from our garden, Provo farmers market, Stands along the road, and SLC farmers market. Grain: have only done a little be of research. I know there is Lehi Roller Mills, but I know some people don't love their flour...I also haven't researched to see if they really get their grain locally. I also haven't started the good habit of making my own bread so we get most of ours from Great Harvest or Good Earth carries a Utah's Own out of Logan that I liked.

Colton and I tend to not care if we are paying more for food if it is local or organic...Local tends to be our priority. I know the Provo Farmers Market is a bit lame...but it is also a later season. When more of the fruit and tomatoes start coming in it is pretty decent. Last year I thought it was dinky because I was used to SLC, but we tended to walk away with plenty of delicious additions for the upcoming week. Also, the more me go...hopefully the bigger it will become. I know the woman in charge is really trying to promote it and expand it.

I'm glad that you are interested in finding some things locally. If you have more questions, I may have more answers, and Colton could have more to add that I have left out.

millie said...

Oh yeah, we also have chips, boxed cereal and oreos at our house right now...just in case my comment gave anyone a different impression.

Hawke said...

Thanks Millie,
I went to the Provo Farmers market again and it was better. I am going to do more research too, so I will let you know what I find out. Oh, and I bought a bunch of Lehi Roller Mills flour (white, unbleached) from Costco and I have really liked it. I don't know where the grain comes from either though. I am glad to hear about your oreos etc. My goal is to buy local food as much as possible, but not become too fanatic about anything.