Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Okay, this week it's for REAL

Pizza Week -- take two. THIS TIME I'M SERIOUS!

A week ago, I posted about wanting a pizza week. A week when everyone posted their favorite pizza recipe. I promised to try all recipes (with Ann Dee) and post about our favorites. How many did we get?


They are both great recipes but I think I know why we had such low participation. The 4th of July holiday? Lennon's birthday? Everyone was too busy celebrating both. So you have one more shot. Don't blow it. Post your favorite pizza recipe because...I NEED THE HELP. For real.

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CamE said...

I'm going to try the BBQ pizza tonight. For real. It didn't exactly go well last time. On thursday I'm going to try Heather's artisan pizza dough. Hopefully. But I'd also like a recipe for the pizza picture you just posted.

Kim told me her sister sarah has an awesome calzone recipe.

Also, Holly, I had an idea. If people are too burned out to post or maybe it's too hot or whatever, we could find recipes online and try them and then review them.