Saturday, July 26, 2008

Canning Please

If you are canning/bottling/anythinging of that sort sometime soon, I want to invite myself. No biggie. I love to do that sort of stuff but I am definitely not motivated to do it on my own. I guess I could organize something here and actually if you want to do it my house, please, feel free. Just remember, I have a wild one year old and I waddle and sometimes I sweat profusely.
Let's say you don't want to invite me or maybe you don't like sweaty pregnant women (who can blame you?) maybe just post a good salsa recipe on here (one good for canning or just eating). Because I want that too. But maybe you are scared of jalepenos? Don't be. I think the scare is over. Plus you just are supposed to watch out for ones from Mexico. No disrespect, I just read it in the paper.
My husband, you may know him, he's going on a fifty miler with the scouts. For six days. Do you wish you were him? Or me? So if any of you are feeling fancy free one of these next few evenings and want to ditch your family/obligations and sit on my porch with me in the evening cool, let me know.
That's all.

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Hawke said...

My Mom and I always do some combination of peaches, pears, applesauce, tomatoes, pickled beats and beans, grape juice, various types of jam. etc. We buy a lot of the fruit from Allreds Orchards, and most everything isn't quite in season yet. I wonder who sells close to PG? I don't even know who sells green beans. If you see someone selling them you should call me and we will make pickled beans with them (if you like them). Grapes are the other hard to get item. I never see them on sale. I just put the word out that I would like them and usually someone has some they aren't using. If you know of any, we could help pick (or you can just watch us pick b/c you are too pregnant) and then steam them at my Mom's. Anyway, I will call you as we start doing things.

One day I am going to have a big garden and my own grapes and fruit trees and then I will have big canning parties. Until then it is Allreds Orchards and whatever else comes my way. Actually, I kind of like just buying the fruit, b/c I am a little afraid of heights and sometimes I freak out on ladders.

Tolly and Lennon said...

I just want you to know...if I lived anywhere close to you I'd be on your porch in the evening cool all the time. Just thought you should know.

And I'd love to can as well but once again...different states. No motivation. Zero canning over here.