Monday, June 30, 2008

Pizza Week

Right now, this is where we get all our pizza. That's why I declare this week Pizza Week. Join us.

This week, from July 1st (Tuesday) until July 8th (Tuesday), please post your favorite pizza recipes! Ann Dee and I have agreed; we will try EACH and EVERY one of them. I'm in search of the easiest, most delicious pizza so that I can be that cool mom who "makes the best pizza ever." I want to be a cool mom SO BADLY. Help me.

Is this a contest? Maybe. I will decide later. Until then, post like it is. Post these recipes like you want to win whatever prize I might offer. It's a good one I'll bet. And Jeni, thanks for inspiring the idea. We will count yours as the first recipe of Pizza Week. Oh, and if you only read this blog but have a great recipe, let us know! We'd love to have some new contributors. Especially
during Pizza Week.

I'm ready to start baking; post away.

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