Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Prep Party

Hey Utah People and People Who Want to Fly to Utah for This Event . . .

We're thinking with the holiday rush it might be fun to get together for a Christmas Prep Party. We're thinking this Friday at Megan's house.
We're thinking around seven.
We're thinking if you want more details click below, otherwise, we love you and all your recipes.

Here's some things that we could/should do at the PARTY:
1. Sit around and eat Christmasy food (that we each bring to share, along with the recipe, of course)
2. Make presents--bring your current project along.
3. Teach each other how to make presents (can you knit a scarf? Can you make an earrings? Please teach us how . . .)
4. Sell stuff to each other (actually I don't want to knit a scarf but I'll buy the scarf you knitted or the earrings you made, etc.)
5. Get rid of stuff that maybe someone else might want (I have this rocking vase that I know you want to give you grandma and what about that old Lego set? Ehh?)
6. Wrap presents (bring your supplies)
7. Order stuff together so that we can split the shipping.
8. Sit around and eat Christmasy food*

If you want to come (and you know you do) email Ann Dee at
Come even if you are shy, you'll be happy you did.

*this is the only mandatory thing. If we end up sitting around eating and watching Project Runway reruns, the night will a success.

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