Thursday, October 16, 2008

Whole Wheat Love

D- this is the wheat bread that I make every week. I have it now so that I can make 5 loaves of bread, bake them and clean up in exactly an hour.

This recipe is a combination of my mother's and my mother in laws recipes. So much of it is just practicing and perfecting it in your own way. The amount of flour you use can be different each time depending on even the humidity in the air. So, you have to learn what consistency of dough performs best and the only way you can do that is trial by error.

5 cups of hot water
1 to 2 Tbs salt
2/3 cup oil
2/3 cup honey

Mix these ingredients for thirty seconds in a mixer

Add 5 cups of whole wheat flour, mix
Add 3 more cups of flour, mix
Add 3 TBS of SAF instant yeast (it is the same thing as bread machine yeast)If you do not use INSTANT be sure to soak your yeast in a little bowl of warm water before you put it in.
Add 2-3 cups more of flour (you want to use around 12 cups total of flour)

Knead dough on high for five minutes
Turn dough onto a well greased surface and split dough into four equal parts
Form into well greased pans (I spray with natural pam stuff)
Set oven to WARM
Put loaves into oven and let raise for 15-20 minutes or so then bake at 375 degrees for 15-20 minutes.

I love to add Irish Oatmeal to my bread, my mother in law also swears that dough enhancer makes a difference, it is too expensive for me but I think it is basically gluten.


Ann Dee said...

Kim, I have a kitchenaid. I'm guessing you have a bosch? Because I dont think I can fit 12 C of flour in my mixer. I can just half the recipe. Do you eat five loaves of bread a week? It's cool if you do, i'm just wondering . . .

Panooch said...

I do have a Bosch so just half it. I actually only get four loaves out of that recipe, I didn't mean to say five. We eat three loaves and sometimes get pretty close to four a week but I always freeze my loaves as soon as they cool down. Duane takes two sandwiches everyday and Jane takes one and then toast in the mornings, sandwiches for Kate. . . Too many carbs!

Hawke said...

Hi. I am Heather Bradshaw Cook, and I just changed my name on here to Hawke, b/c that is my nick name and there is another Heather. Anyway... You can get gluten for cheap at a health food store (just use 1 T) in the bulk section and you can use 1 T lemon juice instead of dough enhancer. It is good without, but I like the texture a little better with. Kim's recipe is very close to mine.

Hawke said...

Oh, and I like to use white winter wheat to grind b/c I like the flavor the best.