Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Invites and Wheat Bread

Dear Micah, Ann, and Kathy,
I sent out invites for you three but you have not yet accepted. Did you get the invites? Are they not working? I want it to work. And Charolette, please get me your email address so I can invite you too. And anyone else who feels like it.

Also, wheat bread. I have a recipe that is good. Really good. But the list of ingredients is lengthy (gluten, powdered milk, dough enhancer, etc. etc.). I can post it if any of you are interested but what I'm interested are tried and true recipes for wheat bread with less ingredients. Meg gave me one but I'm collecting. Please? And thank you.

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Micah Rae said...

i didn't get it... :( I want to- try it again. This email this time sugarspaceyoga@gmail.com

Charolette said...

Ann Dee-
here's my email address: utahvalleyphoto@gmail.com

Thanks! (in advance)

Charolette said...

Ann Dee-
Whenever I try to accept the invitation it goes to an error page. I've tried a few times. Maybe re-invite me?