Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Ice Cream

Today North Carolina got dumped on with piles of fluffy snow. This doesn't happen too often around here so we have to take advantage of it every way we can. Growing up in Utah, we made this often.

To make homemade snow ice cream:

Fill a bowl with the fluffiest snow available
Stir in milk until it is the perfect ice creamy consistency
Add sugar to taste
Add fresh fruit or chocolate or caramel sauce if desired

Enjoy by closing your eyes and by not thinking about the millions of pollutants you are consuming.


Hawke said...

We used to make snow ice-cream when we were little too. Thanks for reminding me of it and how to make it.

Ann Dee said...

ha ha. Next snowfall we are doing it. Cam taught V to eat snow and he eats four day old snow despite my yelling. He'll love this.