Monday, March 16, 2009

Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

So, I needed one more goody for my husband's birthday party, but I was already cooked out. Solution: Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches. No nonsense and entirely delicious. Adults and kiddies alike downed them.
2 dozen homemade or good-quality bakery cookies (I used Oatmeal Cranberry Walnut Cookies from Days Market, don't tell)
1 1/2 quart container good-quality ice cream (I used Breyer's Vanilla)
Sprinkles, Toffee Bits, Mini-Chocolate Chips, etc.
I cut the cookies in half with a knife first and then placed a scoop of just softened ice cream on one half and then squished the other half on top. To complete the ensemble, roll the edges of the ice cream in topping of your choice. The adults loved the toffee bits, the kids preferred sprinkles. Freeze until it's party time. Makes 24 half sandwiches or 12 big ones.


Hawke said...

What an easy idea that both kids and adults would enjoy!! I will have to think of an occasion to make them. Maybe just Monday night will do.

Ann Dee said...

Seriously great idea.