Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Eggs: It's What's for Dinner (insert whipcrack. err...eggcrack)

Sometimes I have to remind myself that eggs are not just for breakfast. There are actually lots of things you can do with them for dinner. They're relatively cheap as a protein source, are a high quality protein source, cook fast, and---unless you have some major genetic issue with processing dietary cholesterol---are perfectly healthy, yolks and all. Many nutritionists call them 'nature's perfect food.' Wow! They are also extra-convenient for those of us cooking for one or two people because they are neatly pre-packaged in ones. 

Of course there are omelets and fritattas and quiches - all great ways to get in vegetables and/or use up leftovers. The other day I had a goat cheese and spinach omelet for dinner. That was yummy. But it gets even easier than that. Here some ideas:

- Egg sandwich: fry an egg to your liking in a little butter or oil or cooking spray, and make into a sandwich with or without cheese or maybe a slice of ham or something. Good grainy bread and good grainy mustard makes it extra yum.
- Huevos rancheros sort of: If you happen to be simmering a pot of beans or chili (or a can of beans of chili!), you can crack an egg (per person) into the simmering beans and let it sit there on top and poach until it's done to your liking. Serve it on a tortilla.
- Poached eggs: I love poached eggs in winter. Very comforting. The other night I had a couple of poached eggs on top of some fresh spinach I'd wilted in olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper. So simple, so good.
- Grains'n'eggs: If you have some kind of leftover cooked grains, like rice or wheat berries or quinoa or barley, heat a little oil in a skillet. Add 1/2 to 1 cup grains (depending how hungry you are), stir fry until the grains are mostly un-clumped and heated. Move the grains to the side of the pan or create an empty circle of pan in the middle. Crack an egg in there and let it set a little, then scramble it into the grains. Season with salt, pepper, whatever else. Fancier version: add some chopped onion and/or garlic with the grains, and at the end throw in leftover cooked vegetables or a handful of fresh chopped spinach or some microwaved broccoli. This is basically a play on fried rice, so if you want to make it Asian-style, add some soy sauce or peanut sauce or something like that. 
- Potatoes'n'eggs: same as above only made with cooked chopped potato instead of grains.
- Any other ideas?


Sara Z. said...

ok seriously I can never get that "rest of post here" thing to work for me.

Ann Dee said...

I love eggs for dinner. And we never get so fancy. I'm going to try quinoa with eggs. Never would have thought of it.

Tolly and Lennon said...

I make Tod Egg McMuffins every morning almost. Although, not McMuffins because I'm not McDonalds but they are good...just fry a couple of eggs, melt some cheese over each one, toast an English muffin with a little butter and mmmmmmmmmmm it is good.

Or Eggs in a Basket for kids? Butter a piece of bread, cut a quarter size hole out of the middle, crack the egg inside the hole and let them both cook on medium heat (both sides) and serve. This was my favorite thing to eat as a kid and Lennon loves it as well.