Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Try this delicious Toffee recipe. Sorry no picture but if you were at THE party of '08 you probably saw it, and you probably ate it and you hopefully liked it.

2 C Sugar
2 C Butter (4 sticks, 1 lb (enjoy the holidays))
4 T Water
2 C Chopped Pecans
2 bags of Milk Chocolate Chips

Spread pecans out evenly on a cookie sheet. In a large pan mix sugar, butter and water. Boil until it's a caramel color (if using a candy thermometer it'll be over 300 degrees (you don't have to have a thermometer.)) Stirring constantly (this process takes a while and you have to continue stirring it so give yourself some time. I'm not talking ALL day. Just maybe 10 min. or so. Be patient, is what I'm trying to say. And look for a caramel color. Think of what color those little (delicious) caramel squares are, and go for that color.) Pour mixture over nuts on cookie sheet. Sprinkle with chocolate chips. (the chips will melt but I usually spread them out with a knife so it looks pretty.) Let it cool completely (short on time? throw it in the fridge for a bit.) And then break it apart by kinda like stabbing a butter knife around breaking it into chunks.
And that's it.
And I've also halved the recipe and just used half of the cookie sheet, works great.

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Ann Dee said...

I vouch for this recipe. As John Stockton would say, 110%. It's late, okay?