Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cake Snowballs

Maybe you've seen this recipe before floating around the internet but oh well. Here it is again. Cam and I made some yesterday and oooooooooo baby. Seriously. I took them to my 12-13 year old Sunday School class along with some peanut butter cup cookies and they ALMOST were more popular than the peanut butter ones. That's a big deal. Especially since they were lemon and most 12 year olds prefer chocolate. According to scientists. I'm just saying.

Here's what you need:
A cake
Some frosting
Some dipping chocolate.
Don't be mad if this feels like the other fat free recipe I posted a week ago.

Here's what you need to do:
Make the cake (from a box, from scratch, whateva). I whipped up a lemon cake from Mrs. Duncan Hines. The best part is the cake can look horrible because the next step is to
Let the cake cool and the crumble the puppy up. Just smash it to pieces. Then you
Add 1/2 a thing of frosting (if you buy it from the store. if you make your own, just add until the concoction gets gooey enough to form into balls). I used a cream cheese frosting container and it was quite cream cheesy. Yum. After that,
Form the cake frosting mixture into balls. Whatever size you like but I think average would be like a quarter size or maybe the size you'd use when making regular cookies. Next,
Put the balls in a container and then freeze them for a couple of hours.This step is sort of important if you don't want to get cake floaties in your chocolate.
When that's through, get them out, melt some chocolate chips or almond bark or white dipping chocolate, etc. and dip them.

Cam (my dear husband who I boss around) did all the dipping of the cake balls. We used a fondue pot and some awesome white chocolate melting thingies. We were so proud of ourselves afterward because they were BEAUTIFUL (like soft, delicate snowballs on a winter's day) and delicious and looked like we knew what we were doing. Always important.
You can obviously use any combo you like. Lemon/cream cheese/white chocolate, Red velvet/buttercream/dark chocolate, etc. etc. And you can also get super fancy and decorate them even more after they've been dipped. We didn't do that because maybe we didn't feel like it, okay?
The End.


Megan said...

Wow! I'm VERY impressed.

Macy said...

I made these for our annual dessert party. I used white cake and an entire tub of frosting (I would probably use about 3/4 of the tub next time.) I dipped them in red candy melts. I also did some extra decoration with white chocolate melts. They were, hands down, the most popular dessert at the party.

Ann Dee said...

You should post pictures of your red ones, Macy.