Saturday, May 24, 2008

Restaurant Review

Yesterday I grabbed lunch at Thai Ruby and took it over to Millie's house and we ate it right in front of Holden. He didn't mind. We had the Pad Thai ($9.95) and the Panaeng Curry ($9.95). The curry was spicy but not too spicy. I really liked it. Of course the Pad Thai was great as well. When I lived in American Fork I ate at the Thai Village on State Street and it is good as well. I really haven't thought too hard about a comparison. Maybe I'll do that sometime soon. In my mind, Thai food is Thai food and I don't really have a favorite Thai restaurant.

Last night I forgot that I had some leftovers from Thai Ruby so I ordered a pizza. Because P712 does not do take out, I was left with the usual pizza choices. Just a side note, if you take pizza home from P712 - you should warm it up on the stove top in a frying pan until the cheese is melted - it is as good as if you were in the restaurant. Trust me.

Although I forgot about Pier 49 Pizza down the street. As far as the pizza chains, this is how I would rank them:
  1. Papa Johns (I have it on speed dial)
  2. Pizza Hut
  3. Dominos (not a fan)
  4. Little Caesars (gotta be in the mood - hot and ready $5) - we often go here with the basketball girls when we are traveling.
Sam and Dan used to call them Pizza Slut and Little Sleasers - ha ha. Last night my pepperoni pizza from PJs was good although they didn't cut it very well so I had to cut it myself (annoying). I like the butter garlic sauce to dip your crust in.

The poor little delivery girl didn't know she was supposed to be buzzed up and so when I opened the door she was totally out of breath from walking up six flights of stairs. I felt bad so I gave her a nice tip.

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