Thursday, May 22, 2008

Katy's contribution

Can I contribute in a different way?

So you all know that I don't cook. I don't have time and it isn't easy to cook for one person. Call those excuses if you want but it is what it is.

So although I don't cook, I do eat. And yes I'm still learning how to eat intuitively - it's a life long process. Today Ann Dee suggested that I post about the various restaurants that I patronize. This will force me to branch out and maybe try new restaurants and new items on the menu. Variety is an important principle in learning how to eat intuitively.

OK so today I ate lunch at Arby's. I got a regular roast beef sandwich and curly fries with a lemonade (still not drinking soda). I asked for lots of Arby's sauce and they gave me two. I hate that - since when did lots mean two? I went through the drive up since it was raining and I had to run home to grab my cell phone. One time I went to Arby's and they didn't have any roast beef. Huh?

Tonight I went to Mimi's Cafe with Larry and Jewel and Karen. I got the country fried steak because I had heard that it was good. I usually get the Waldorf salad and corn chowder with a bran muffin. But in anticipation of this post, I decided to try something new. Larry ordered the fried dill pickles. I took one bite and about gagged. I guess if you like dill pickles, you would like these. Larry finished them off without a problem. Karen got the bran muffin - I was a bit jealous but I can always stop at Provo Bakery in the morning and get one on my way to work for only 71 cents including tax. Thanks for telling me about those Kim. I did like the country fried steak even though it was a bit dry. I asked for extra gravy. I ate the broccoli first and it was great. The mash potatoes were really great. I stopped eating at about a 7 so I wasn't stuffed. I even entertained the idea for dessert but only looked at the menu - another time. I will not order the country fried steak again although I thought it was OK. I'd rather have my bran muffin and salad. The French onion soup is good there too.

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Heather said...

Hey Katy,
I liked your post. Curly fries are some of my favorites. My most recent restaurant find is a little Indian Food place in Sandy on the corner of 86th S and 13th E. It is kind of hidden in the parking lot of Tuesday Morning. They have a really great lunch buffet for only $8.95. I would go there every day if I could, so it is probably good I live in Provo.