Saturday, May 17, 2008

Homemade Custard Style Yogurt

Homemade Custard Style Yogurt
From my aunt--Sue Laing

Add 3 pk unflavored gelatin (Knox) or 3 T bulk gelatin (I get mine at the health food store) to 2 C cold water. Set aside.

Combine the following in a large pan that will fit into a larger one into which some water has been placed (to act as a double boiler):
8 C water
6 1/2 C whole milk
2 2/3 C non-instant powdered milk or 5 C instant powdered milk

Beat with wire whip. Place over boiling water. Cook for 12 minutes.
Whip in the reserved gelatin mixture.
Cool in sink to tepid temperature. Can speed process by filling sink with cold water.

Whip in 3/4 C plain yogurt or yogurt starter (I reserve 3/4 C each time I make this for a start).

Pour into plastic containers. Put on lids. I like the 9 C glad/ziploc boxes. Place in a warmed oven on a cookie sheet, along with a potted, lighted candle. Leave for 6-61/2 hours. Will be "set" (It won't hurt for yogurt to stay in oven for up to 10 hours-longer than that will make it too sour. I often put this in overnight.)

Sweeten as desired. We use fruit, jam, bottled peaches etc.

It will keep for a month or so. If it separates the beat with a hand blender. If it sets up more than you like, you can dilute with a little milk.

I don't like messing with the double boiler idea, so I just use a nice heavy pan and make sure I am diligent about stirring. If you scorch it, it will be ruined.

If I am too tired to make this then I buy "Mountain High" yogurt from the grocery store. It is sweetened with crystaline fructose and although I haven't done any research on it, it says it is better for you than sugar.


Ann Dee said...

So this might be a dumb question but the 8 cups of water are part of the recipe, not for the double boiler water? Am I making this too complicated? And is plain yogurt the same as a yogurt starter?

Heather said...

The 8 cups water is part of the yogurt recipe. You need additional water for the double boiler thing.

I think that you can buy powdered yogurt starter that has the bacteria you need to make yogurt (sort of like yeast). I always just buy some plain yogurt and use that because you can just get it at the grocery store.

Good luck!! Call, or blog if you have more questions.