Monday, June 21, 2010

Lobster Salad Rolls with Shaved Fennel and Citrus Recipe -

My Mom had some imitation crab she wanted to use up before she leaves for London for six months, so we decided to make these lobster rolls into "crab" rolls instead.  We were also fresh out of fennel so she substituted diced cucumber and celery. The last substitution was a little added sugar (about 1 tsp) to the dressing for the vegetables because it was mouth-puckering tart.

My contribution to the dinner consisted of these lobster rolls.  I made the dough in my bread machine, but you certainly wouldn't need to.  They were fun to make and really good.  I think I will make a few more batches to use as hot dog buns for my little girls birthday party on Wednesday.  

These were really good.  If you have real lobster and real fennel I bet they would be even better.  The home-made rolls/buns made them go from good to great, so try and plan ahead and make them.

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