Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tzatziki and "Chicken Kababs"

I made this recipe a little bit ago and it was the best Tzatziki I have ever had. I didn't have any of the Ouzo (Greek alcohol) so I left it out. I also substituted 2 tsp. dry dill for the fresh. I strained a 32oz. container of plain yogurt in a colander for about 8 hours (turning it with a spatula after 4 hours) because there wasn't any Greek yogurt at the grocery store I went to. Despite the modifications it was fabulous. Creamy and almost cheese-like with a great flavor. We had it with this version of "chicken kababs" and grill bread (flat bread made on the grill with artisan bread dough). I used 1/3 C of the strained yogurt in the marinade before putting the rest in the tzatziki. The whole meal was really good. If you don't want to make grill bread then just buy some thick flat bread. Now that I have been thinking about it I am going to have to make it again soon.


megan said...

I am just here visiting (I am Heather's sister, by the way), and that does sound really good. Sunflower Market carries Greek yogurt, which we splurge on regularly. I will try this out for sure this week. Grill weather is here! Yahoo!

Ann Dee said...

Heather, you are awesome. I hope I try this.