Friday, August 14, 2009

Curry pasta

So we had lots of family in town for the 4th of July...I planned out breakfasts, planned out dinners...but forgot about lunch. Noon rolled around and we were famished. So my mother in law whipped this up out of what I thought was no food in the house. So I make it now all the time...a different version according to what's in the fridge. But it is goo-0000-oooooooood.

Curry Pasta Salad

Halved grapes (green or purple)

Chopped celery (or sometimes not if I don't have it)

Chopped onion (whatever you have)

Cashews or peanuts
Cooked or canned chicken (we used canned and it's perfect and so easy)

Cooked pasta (I love whole wheat macaroni)

Blob of mayo (we use low-fat and it tastes the same) plus curry to taste

Mix this all up and chill in the fridge for about an hour. We double it sometimes and eat it for lunch and dinner all week. Lazy.

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Ann Dee said...

Yum. I would never think to make curry pasta.