Thursday, July 23, 2009

When Are You All Gonna Get Your Butts Out Here To Visit Succotash

Here's the recipe:

Buy a ticket online.
Come here.
You may also bring your offspring.
Stay in my guest room.
Tag along with me to the farmer's market.

Buy: tomatoes, fresh-shelled peas/beans, and basil.

Boil: peas

Sautee: Leeks in olive oil, turn off heat, add tomatoes, boiled peas, basil chiffonade to leek mixture. S&P to taste. Sit down out on the screen porch and watch the bees and butterflies while we indulge in riveting convo and sip San Pellegrino Limonata while we savor our Succotash.

1 comment:

Hawke said...

Hi Jordan. I have never boiled a pea before. I wonder if they have them in the farmers market in Provo. Your recipe sounds good, I am going to try it.

One day I am going to be like Samantha on bewitched and I will be able to wiggle my nose and travel wherever I want--with my offspring.