Friday, September 26, 2008


I just bought this book.

I'm actually getting a bit sick of eating out. Did I say that out loud? No - I just typed it in a public blog post. So anyway, I'm asking for your help - all you domestic diva chicks.

I need some recipes that fit these requirements (in the order of most importance):
  1. easy & fast
  2. portions for one or two
  3. good (by good I mean yummy)
  4. healthy - notice that this is my last priority but I do sorta care about it. However I am not willing to sacrifice taste. Gotta remember to be intuitive!


Ann Dee said...

I have an enchilada recipe you can freeze individually. It's super easy and you can take them for lunch, eat one for dinner, etc. They keep for a long time. I'll post it soon.

Hawke said...

I will think about this for a few days and then give you some ideas. How much freezer space do you have?

ktb said...

I have just a regular freezer but I don't have a lot of food in it.

Megan has emailed me a bunch of ideas and Kathy told me to go to and change the serving size.

Thanks for all the help - keep it coming!