Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Really good soup that feeds a crowd.

On Thursday night I was in charge of feeding about 60 people at a Relief Society Party.  I woke up Friday morning and knew I had my brother Bart and his wife and baby and my Dad and Gigi coming to dinner that night.  I wanted to make something really good and not way hard and I didn't want to go to the store.  I also wanted to be able to do most of the work in the morning, so I could straighten up the house in the afternoon.  I turned to King Arthur Flour because if I was going to try something new on all of those people I needed a reliable recipe source.  

I decided on this recipe for Italian wedding soup.  It was a big hit.  And it makes a ton.  

I had to move it from my six quart to my eight quart pot.  For the meatballs I mixed half pork and half ground beef.  I patted the meatball mixture out in a jelly roll pan with my hands and baked it all in one piece.  After it was cool I used a pizza cutter and cut the meat into small squares.  Way easier than making dozens of tiny meatballs.  

I completed through step 4 in the recipe and then put everything in the fridge to be completed later.  I also added a chopped up fennel bulb that I needed to use up to the vegetable mixture.   I used vegetable broth instead of chicken broth. 

I served the soup with these breadsticks.  They are chewy and a bit like bagels because you boil them before you bake them.  Don't make them longer than about 6 inches.  I didn't have diastatic malt powder, so I used malted milk powder in the dough and left it out of the boiling water.


Janssen said...

This really was fantastic. And not wasting your time rolling out the meatballs is a great idea.

Ann Dee said...

Heather, you are awesome.